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【首購限定|會員免運優惠】滿 499 全館免運


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NEW, RED and non alcoholic from Gnista, the Swedish spark makers!

We Gnistas believe no sane person turns down a well stirred non-alcoholic cocktail, but did you know we’re also true lovers of fine wines? The problem is, de-alcoholised wine isn’t very good. Even though we all pretend it is. That’s why we’ve just launched Gnista Red!

Lead by the phrase everything allowed as long as the end results kicks ass and contains no more than 0.5% ABV, Gnista Red is NOT de-alcoholised red wine. Instead, it is crafted using similar techniques to those of our spirits (gastronomy and tradition meet food tech). Every ingredient is there for a reason, and the purpose is to deliver a taste sensation made up of tannins, body, earth, tartness, spice and just the perfect (read not too much) sweetness.

We love celebration, nostalgia, and pleasure, and believe in those lasting values in a radically changing world. We know you do too.

Let’s drink to that!